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Duct Testing

Ducting Requirements

Duct test and duct testing reference IECC codes that state that duct tightness must be tested at post construction or rough-in. A report must be submitted to the building inspector to verify compliance of all duct systems in unconditioned space. This testing is also required to be done by a third party. Duct testing is also required to verify Commercial Kitchen Grease Ducts.

Testing Ducts

At Projected 2 Perform, our duct tests are performed with a Retrotec Duct-Testing equipment for measuring duct leakage in residential and commercial buildings. The Duct-Tester will pressurize or depressurize a duct system (with the air handler off) from the main return grille (or blower access opening). An umbilical cord connects to the fan and ducts with a DM-2A that adjusts speed and measures the duct leakage automatically. The rest of the register openings are taped shut. Duct pressure is measured by static probes in the supply ducts.

Determining Leaks

A smoke test, or theatrical fog, can be added to determine the exact locations of leakages throughout the system. If you are looking to have your new construction meet the code qualifications call us today to learn more or schedule a duct test for your home or business.

Please see the Massachusetts State Notification of the Energy Code Requirements for more information.

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